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Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge

Week Two - Dream Big
Reminder: Watch this video the week of Apr 28 - May 4

In this week's session, you'll be challenged to dream and pray through about God-sized ideas, big ideas that are far beyond your resources or abilities. It's when we dream big and ask great things, that God is given the opportunity to show up and show off, and bring glory once again to His Great Name. Pastor Mark will share some exciting personal examples with you from his own life, so be prepared to be challenged...to dream big!

Scripture of the Week

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
~ Isaiah 55:9 (NIV)

Discussion / Journaling Question

We sincerely believe this five-week online study will encourage you into a deeper prayer lifestyle. Let us encourage you, after watching each weeks' video teaching segment (and reading the corollary readings in the book and study guide if you've purchased those); to review the discussion/journaling questions we provide below. If you're doing this study "solo", let these prompt you in your prayer time, as you journal, or simply to ponder during your study time. If you are in a group setting for this study (face-to-face with others, or via social media or online tools); you may wish to discuss these with others in your "group".

Questions to ponder, journal, or discuss with others enjoying this study with you:

  1. In relationship to the question Pastor Mark shared from Alfred Adler's studies, what is your earliest memory? How has that affected you for the balance of your life?
  2. What is the "bravest prayer you can pray"? Why not pray that prayer now, and continue through the balance of this study? God may be using this study solely to challenge you to do so!
  3. Pastor Mark asked the question about the children of Israel, Elijah and Naaman; what would have happened if they'd stopped at six days or six times in their obedience. Are there prayer priorities that you feel you might have abandoned too soon in your past?

Week Two Study

Watch: Session 2 video

Read: Draw the Circle Study Guide, pages 27-44

Suggested: Read this week's Blog

Optional: Draw the Circle (Book), Chapters 8-14 (pages 52-88)

Next Week

Session 3: Pray Hard

Available May 5 - May 11

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