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Welcome to Because of Bethlehem Online Bible Study with Max Lucado! We're so glad that you've joined us. This is your home for all things related to the study so bookmark this page as you'll return each week as a new session becomes available.

Overview of Because of Bethlehem

In this four-session video Bible study, NY Times bestselling author and beloved pastor Max Lucado looks at the Christmas story and offers fresh perspective on this ageless story of God’s love for us. We’re confident you’ll find that this year, your Christmas will mean more... because of Bethlehem!

Week 1 - God Has a Face

Session 1 will be available to view during the week of Nov 25 - Dec 1

Week 2 - Worship Works Wonders

Session 2 will be available to view during the week of Dec 2 - Dec 8

Week 3 - God Guides the Wise

Session 3 will be available to view during the week of Dec 9 - Dec 15

Week 4 - Every Heart A Manger

Session 4 will be available to view during the week of Dec 16 - Dec 22

Come Back Each Week

Each of the video segments will be released one-by-one every Sunday morning during our study. You'll be invited to come back each week to view the latest video with thousands of others in this unique online study community. We'll have a new discussion question of the week, and new blog post for each week of the study! We know that this is a busy time of year for many of you so at the end of the study, we'll have a special "catch-up week" when you'll be able to go back and watch any videos you may have missed. We pray you are blessed by this online Bible study as your rekindle the joy and wonder of the Advent season!


Welcome to our Online Bible Study with Max Lucado. In Because of Bethlehem, a four-session, video-based study, Max Lucado explores how the One who made everything chose to make himself nothing and come into our world. Jesus’ birth gives us the promise that God is always near us, always for us, and always within us–and that we no longer need to have marks on our record.

Our Schedule

  • Week One: Nov 25 - Dec 1
  • Week Two: Dec 2 - Dec 8
  • Week Three: Dec 9 - Dec 15
  • Week Four: Dec 16 - Dec 22
  • Recap Week: Dec 23 - Dec 29

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